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Virtualni dogodek »Open Education for SDG7: Affordable and Clean Energy«

The EN-LITE Society is co-organising the virtual event titled Open Education for SDG7: Affordable and clean energy, together with the Open Education for a Better World global mentoring program and as part of the OE4BW 2020 Yearly Eduscope.

Confirmed speakers:

Welcome address by the OE4BW Chairs: prof. dr. Tanja Urbančič (University of Nova Gorica), Mitja Jermol (UNESCO Chair on Open Technologies for OER and Open Learning)

1st - policy panel:

  • Silvo Škornik, Ministry of Infrastructure, Slovenia;
  • Joachim Balke, DG ENER, European Commission;
  • Roberta Quadrelli, Energy Data Centre, International Energy Agency

2nd – experts panel:

  • Advancing sustainable energy and climate action through open online learning. Curt Newton, MIT OpenCourseWare and MIT Climate, U.S.A.
  • Statistical data supporting energy related education and decision-making.  Mojca Suvorov, SURS – Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia.
  • Importance of ecosystem approach to open education. Prof. dr. Ebba Ossiannilsson, International Council for Open and Distance Education, Sweden.
  • Prosumers of the Energy Union (a H2020 project view on the importance of bringing citizens to the center of promoting a sustainable energy transition). Dr. Inês Campos, FC.ID, Portugal.
  • Energy sector skills needed for the 21st Century (and how can OER help filling the gap). Dr. Inge de Waard, EIT InnoEnergy, Belgium.
  • How to license Open Educational Resources - case of the SDG7 Hub projects. Jennryn Wetzler, Creative Commons, U.S.A.

3rd - projects panel:

  • iEnergy Open Library. Developer: Mojca Drevenšek, EN-LITE Society for strengthening energy literacy and Consensus Communications. Co-mentors: Prof. Ebba Ossiannilsson, ICDE, Sweden, and Dr. Inge de Waard, EIT InnoEnergy, Belgium.
  • History of transport. Developer: Prof. Satwant Balse, V.G. Vaze College, Mumbai, India. Mentor: Prof. Mostafa A. Kamal, Bangladesh Open University.
  • Meet the World of energy. Developer: Melita Lenošek Kavčič (GEN Group, Slovenia)Co-mentors: Dr. Tanja Draksler Zdolšek, Institute Jozef Stefan, Slovenia, and Mahmoud Max Wardeh, Loughborough University, UK.
  • Inquiry and concept-based pedagogy in education for sustainable development. Developer: Sumit Nair, Karlskrona Internationella Grundskola, Sweden. Mentor: Joost Groot Kormelink, TU Delft, The Netherleands.

The event will be facilitated by: Jennryn Wetzler and Mojca Drevenšek (SDG7 Hub co-coordinators).

Free registration and program details here: Participants are welcomed to join the discussion via chat line.

The event will also be live-streamed (, Live-stream section) but in this case the participants cannot join the discussion.

More information about the OE4BW SDG7 Hub energy-related projects, supporting the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goal Nr. 7 (Affordable and Clean Energy) through open education:




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